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This Account has been Deactivated

2011-01-09 18:09:41 by SupermarioBrothersS

Due to increased hacking incidents and loss of accounts, I've changed the password of this account, along with all my other accounts. This account will be deactivated until I activate it again (I change the email as well).

The old password that was sent from this account is now useless. I will send the new password when I get to it, but not for some time since I'm a lazy bastard. It's actually a miracle on how I'm taking security to a new level.

~ NGReviewEater/KingLightning123

This is the last abusive review post I'm making

2010-11-13 20:30:09 by SupermarioBrothersS

After this one there will NOT be an abuse post, meaning that all of you are going to have to flag independently on your own. You can use the Newgrounds Guide Chat to share abusive reviews with others if you want, but I won't be hosting an abuse post anymore. I'm through with this concept - it doesn't help NG that much for it is basically being abused as a statwhoring thing rather than a site helping attempt. The mediafire link that contains the HTML files to the old abuse posts will still be alive (click here to download those HTML files).

There will be something similar to an abuse post in NGReviewEater, but that will only be on an ask-and-answer basis, meaning that people can post links to reviews that they THINK is abusive and want to get it cleared if it is/isn't abusive (and learn about flagging correctly) as opposed to being a stupid worthless review dump that just gives out free deity whistles (I'm not being that nice anymore when it comes to giving out deity whistles as of now - you work for it to earn it rather than lazily feeding off of others like it currently is now). If I feel being nice I may make an abuse post in Zombicidle (which, after NGReviewEater, SuperMarioBrosS and this account have all the required materials posted, will be my official main account) but don't count on it happening.

This post is here for two reasons: To be a +1 news post for the image archive and to start out fresh (the previous one is a mess).

This abuse post will live until the image archive is distributed to the image moderators. ONCE it is distributed to the image moderators and news posts are being used up to link to the images, these two abuse posts will explode and a spam bot will run that will spew out 300 news posts (300 is sufficient to cover all 20,000 images). So until I distribute the images to the 5 image moderators (TurtleKirby, icefire23, Basset, Stickman91, chillbro) you'll have this abuse post available at your disposal.

I estimate that I will prepare all the zip files for the image mods somewhere near February after my midterms pass and the redesign comes into place.

So anyway, there's your 2,000 character explanation. Go bring in abuse... if you want...

~ NGReviewEater

Open discussion post / New Abusive Review Post

2010-08-22 17:37:08 by SupermarioBrothersS

Discuss about whatever. There's nothing to do here really until I release the images to the moderators.

So just talk about whatever like as if this is a lounge post.

Also, this is now the new abusive review post (along with it being an open discussion post) so you got a 2 in 1 deal! Bring in links to abusive reviews/flashes/art and let's flag them!

You can either treat this as an open discussion post, an abuse post, or both. You're not forced to chat and/or flag. I figured since I need a place to put abusive reviews that I find I thought this is a good location.

Also, chat.

- NGReviewEater

Note to image mods - When replying to a comment always sign your name next to what you wrote. You may also edit any reply and add your own if someone replied to a comment and you want to add your own response; again make sure to sign it.

Moderator check in

2010-08-19 19:09:01 by SupermarioBrothersS

Since the password is sent, I have made this post so that we can make sure all mods are succesfully into this account. All mods: Sign your name here like this:

TurtleKirby101 checked in.
Basset was here.
SuperMarioBrosS / NGReviewEater was here since 2007.
Users who signed up in 2010 are easy as hell to troll - chillbro

<Kirby!> It doesn't look good that a 2007 account has no medals, so I shall play some flash games on this account to get some (in the morning) </Kirby!>

And here's a picture Kirby has made about all the moderators: - NGRE

Moderator check in

Account Password Sent

2010-08-19 15:14:41 by SupermarioBrothersS

All Image mods do what is said in the PM.

Account Password Should Be Sent Out In 2 hours

2010-08-19 10:23:29 by SupermarioBrothersS

I have to write each image moderator their own PM and send them the necessary information.

BRB writing PMs.

And they will be sent from this account since that's the official NG Guide account.

Cheese on toast

2010-08-18 18:36:16 by SupermarioBrothersS

Robots are cool.

I'm bored

2010-08-17 21:13:23 by SupermarioBrothersS

This place is boring me.


2010-08-17 08:47:47 by SupermarioBrothersS

I love cocks.


2010-08-16 10:01:46 by SupermarioBrothersS

Bouncy Bouncy balls