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Moderator check in

2010-08-19 19:09:01 by SupermarioBrothersS

Since the password is sent, I have made this post so that we can make sure all mods are succesfully into this account. All mods: Sign your name here like this:

TurtleKirby101 checked in.
Basset was here.
SuperMarioBrosS / NGReviewEater was here since 2007.
Users who signed up in 2010 are easy as hell to troll - chillbro

<Kirby!> It doesn't look good that a 2007 account has no medals, so I shall play some flash games on this account to get some (in the morning) </Kirby!>

And here's a picture Kirby has made about all the moderators: - NGRE

Moderator check in


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2010-08-19 19:56:37

this is for image archiving? i thought it was for like, a guide to ng or something.

(Updated ) SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Yeah idk, this one is for images tho -Kirbeh


2010-08-20 08:39:50

You people (including myself) forgot to deposit for this account.

And Kirby make sure to get medals that actually look pretty... and make sure to get like 10-20 of them.

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Sorry D:

Depositing can be chillbro's job :D

And ok. -Kirby


2010-08-20 08:43:20

^ I take that back make sure to get like 10.

And make them look good; not crappy.

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

mmhm -Kirby


2010-08-20 08:44:48

Oh, and BTW you all can bookmark your favorite flashes/audio/art here as well if you want to raise your favorite flashes' stats. Avoid authors... go for flashes/audio/art only.

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Ok. **adds my own flash** -Kirby


2010-08-20 09:21:31

Hey are you on?

Because I'm on the chat now.

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

I'm on the chat -Kirby


2010-08-20 09:23:09


Either get 2 more from Newgrounds Pass 3 (the submission) since they actually are the OLD B/P badges from the past redesign (good for the archive) or you can stop there. I suggest getting 2 more.

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Ok -Kirby


2010-08-20 09:26:43

I could use an edit button.

And for favoriting authors you can favorite yourself (so +1 favorite in your end), but that's about it.

I'm going to delete all these comments anyway in the long run, so until then I'll keep spamming (kind of).

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Yes, you do.

Ok then.




2010-08-20 11:11:34

Hey Kirby, sometimes I wonder about you. XP

(Updated ) SupermarioBrothersS responds:

Sometimes I wonder about in my sleep. -Kirby

I added his signature so that it's clear who wrote that - NGReviewEater


2010-08-20 22:30:54

Speakin of dreams, I've been havin sum weird ones lately. o_o

SupermarioBrothersS responds:

WTF? - NGReviewEater


2010-08-21 23:38:23

Usually, dreams are where reality's laws are messed up, right? It just still doesn't explain mine.

(Updated ) SupermarioBrothersS responds:

I bet you forgot what your dream even was. - NGReviewEater

Yeah well I bet you forgot that cheese has holes in -Kirby

Not all cheese have holes in them - NGReviewEater