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Sonic Clash episode 10 Sonic Clash episode 10

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great Job. I liked the part when Mario got his butt kicked 2 times! Anyways, one note: Hyper Sonic is invincible. He can't die. Super Sonic can go back to normal Sonic but Hyper Sonic can't. Just a reminder. Great Job.

Wrath of shadow Ep. 1 Wrath of shadow Ep. 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great Flash. Where did you get those Super Shadow sprites? Great Job. Keep it up. I'll watch the rest of the series. I'll vote a 5 now.

Shi-Gu responds:


MariovsSonic (SF Edt.) MariovsSonic (SF Edt.)

Rated 0 / 5 stars

What the?????

What kind of crap is this??? Its supposed to be Mario v.s. Sonic not Mario & Sonic v.s. Ryu. Besides Mario & Sonic teamed up togethor or Sonic alone can kick Ryu's butt and finally kill him. This flash is junk. Deserves 0 stars. Also, there is no Super Sonic. Make the Mario v.s. Sonic realistic and don't add any crappy characters. Use the 2 stars for the series.

Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6 Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing. Could have put in Hyper Sonic.

Any dummy should know that Sonic can beat Mario. No Questions asked. Mario should had never bothered the cool blue hedgehog in the first place. He wouldn't had gotten the name "lame". Anyways, great flash. I like the United States of Mario. It was funny. After the Master Emerald activated, you should have made Sonic go into Hyper Sonic considering Sonic can go to Hyper Sonic using The Master Emerald. That should teach the fat plummer a lesson. Mario is the #1 gayest thing in the entire universe. Sonic is the #1 best thing (along with many other video game characters like Halo) thing in the Universe. A Nintendo Character can't beat a Sonic Character (yes, including Kirby. Many Sonic characters can outsmart him although those characters are not commonly used. They are used mostly in Sonic Comics. Some of them can be found in Sonic Games though.). The fat plummer should go to the graveyard and never should bother the cool hedgehog again for eternity. Sonic can beat Mario in a battle as well as in other things anytime CASE CLOSED.

Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 5 Sonic Vs. Mario - Part 5

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Where is SUPER SONIC???????

Where is Super Sonic? This flash isn't that interesting without Super Sonic. And what is this about reviving from the dead? So unrealistic. From looking at the series so far, I'd say that you are a Mario Fan and a Sonic Hater. Sonic had never had a victory. The series deserves a 0. Make Sonic win more battles and put in Super Sonic and you'll get a 10 from me.

Mario Vs Sonic ReVeNgE Mario Vs Sonic ReVeNgE

Rated 0 / 5 stars


This flash makes no sense. First of all, Sonic would never kill Peach, Toad and Luigi. Even though they are Mario's friends/relatives, he would never kill them. Sonic is a hero, not a villian. Also, Super Sonic's energy can never run out. That was also stupid. Its another lame excuse for how Mario wins. Even with the cape, Mario can never survive Super Sonic's attacks. This flash is a fluke no offense. Make the Mario V.s Sonic battle realistic.

Mario Vs. Sonic - L.E. Mario Vs. Sonic - L.E.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mario gets killed. The End for the lame plummer.

I love seeing Sonic kicking Mario's butt (I don't curse so don't get mad). Anyways, the only thing that freaks me out is that acid. That isn't one of Super Sonic's abilities. Still very creative. Also, Sonic can swim. Yeah in many games he dies when he touches water but in Sonic DX and Sonic X, he actually swims so don't you Mario fanboys think Mario has an advantage over Sonic when they hit the pool. Sonic also has many hidden abilities that even big Sonic fans don't even know about. One example is that he can run on top of water. Mario can't. Mario's fireball technique doesn't even faze him now these days. Mario is dumber than Sonic regardless of what form. Mario is even dumber than a newborn baby! Can Mario build an airplane? I don't think so. Sonic can burn Mario into ashes anytime. Mario is for babies. All he says is MAMAMIA. Its about time Mario takes a trip to the graveyard for eternity and never bothers the cool blue hedgehog. It is such a shame that Nintendo picked a lame character to be their mascot. Out of these Mario vs Sonic, Sonic wins by true abilities. All of Mario's victories are by lame excuses. Mario burn Sonic with a measly fireball? Get a life. Mario games also suck. All you do is just collect coins and jump on enemies. Big deal. Even a 2 year old can do that. Sonic games are very complex. Some games, your enemy changes. All of Mario's games is just to beat Bowser. In Sonic games, your enemy changes. Sonic can stay underwater for a longer time than Mario. Mario uses health which has many disadvantages and is too old. Sonic uses rings which is easier and makes the game somewhat complex. If Mario jumps from high heights, then he loses health. Sonic can jump 200,000 meters from the air and hit the ground without taking any damage. Mario is too slow. He can't breathe in space or battle in Space regardless of which form. Beat it Mario Fans. Mario is just Lame, lame and lame. He can't beat Sonic at any competition. Sonic rules and he will always kick Mario. This much information should prove that Mario can't win at anything against Sonic. So don't write "Mario is stronger and cooler than Sonic" or agree to someone who writes that. If you do, then you must be a 1 year old. The only thing I'm basically offending is the dumb plummer with the red hat. If you want to see power from the Items of Sonic games in the Mushroom Kingdom, then watch Super Mario Bros Z. That should clear up doubts. Sonic is cooler and way stronger than Mario; CASE CLOSED. (The only thing that is impressive is that Mario is older than Sonic, taller and heavier than Sonic and yet the young hedgehog can tear up all the fat from the plummer.) Mario Sucks; Sonic rules and is a God. I love this movie. I'm a big Sonic fan and a big Mario hater. So Mario Fans, are you speechless? Sonic can win anything against Mario so Sonic deserves the win.

Vegeta VS Sonic Vegeta VS Sonic

Rated 0 / 5 stars

What the heck???????????????

For starters, why did you let Vegeta kill Sonic in 10 seconds. Sonic can kick Vegeta's butt anytime. There are even movies in newgrounds where Sonic beats the crap out of Vegeta and they have higher scores. Here is some advice: Make it Vegeta vs Super Sonic. That will make the movie interesting. At the end, make the person choose who wins. I assure you that Sonic can beat Vegeta anytime. By looking at that flash, I'd say that you are a Dragonball Z fan and a Sonic hater. I'm a big Sonic fan and this flash is a disgrace to the Great Sonic The Hedgehog and Newgrounds. No offense but this flash deserves a 0/5 for Current Score period. Case Closed. I'm not offending you, but this flash is that terrible.

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Super Mario bros Z intro Super Mario bros Z intro

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The Intro looks awesome. But was Sonic, Shadow, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi powered by the Chaos Emeralds when they turned yellow or white for Shadow (I wouldn't consider that Super Form since Super Forms require Chaos Emeralds). Just have a doubt and I want to know. If they weren't powered by the Chaos Emeralds, then make them go back to normal in a few seconds like Sonic did in Episode 7. It would look really funny. Also, I want the series to be dragged or lengthened. I'm a big fan of these series.

Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

When is episode 7 coming out?

The series are so awesome that I watch it a million times a day. I even vote it a 5/5 every day. Also, can you put in more action. Iuigi isn't really doing anything. Also, when is Episode 7 coming out? I've been waiting for it for 6 months. If it takes more time, I hope you are releasing more than one episode on the same day when its finished. I'm a big Sonic fan and I love seeing Sonic and especially Shadow kick butt. Great Job! Why does the scouter get destroyed after Red said "Its over 9,000"?